Saturday, 6 January 2007

Big Brother

Just a quick few words to my big brother Darren who is going through one hell of a chapter in his life at the moment. I'm not going to harp on as he will just tell me off, I'm bracing myself for one after just doing this, but we are all here thinking about you and we also all know that you will be around for a long long time yet. Good luck next week. Love you so much Darren xxx


JT said...

Nice touch mate. Me and Andi wish him all the best and we're sure Daz will be ok. I'm sure. He's a strong lad and a bit of the 'Hall' spirit will see him through.

Stay strong Daz, it'll be fine mate.


Andy hall said...

Same for me mate! He's a strong bloke been through a lot he has!

Love him to bits and he get through this and we can all be grumpy old tarts together!