Thursday, 8 February 2007

Beans, beans, good for your heart....

Back to health food today, I've been feeling under the weather ever since returning from Barcelona. I've got the sniffles again and my limbs are aching. So I'm keeping the waffle to a minimum today as I'm lacking in creativity and spark. Usually when I feel like this, I reach for the comfort food. Basically, anything simple and inevitably not so good for you.

My wife and I have been trying ever so hard to cut back on the 'not so good for you' side of food for a few weeks now, so I'm not going to let a little fever spoil that habit. What I'm not good at when I'm feeling like this is cooking for any length of time. For some reason, my natural enthusiasm for cooking disappears and all I want is simplicity.

Looking through the cupboards, there appeared to be a huge array of tinned beans. Flageolet, chick, borlotti, all kinds that really needed a bit of creativity. I guessed that I could put up with the inevitable wind to create a delicious 3 bean salad. Combining a few different beans with a superb Spanish influenced dressing of garlic and sherry vinegar seemed the order of the day. A bit of crunch from some cold bashing red onions and radish, a few cubes of Feta and lots of cherry tomatoes made for a delightful supper. And it was a doddle to prepare. And my wife and daughter loved it. Winner.

So next time you are feeling like doing nothing due to illness, but crave for food, reach for the tins and knock yourself up an impressive number like this. 5 minutes of thinking. 5 minutes of preparing. 5 minutes of devouring. Over and out....

3 Bean Salad with Radish and Feta Cheese
To feed 2 adults and 1 child

3 tins of mixed beans (I used black eyed, chick and kidney)
1 Bunch of radish
20 Cherry tomatoes
1 red onion
Fresh parsley
Feta cheese

For the dressing
2 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons sherry vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
Juice of half a lemon

1 - Make the dressing by crushing the garlic with a little salt in a pestle and mortar to make a paste. Mix in the vinegar, oil and lemon juice.
2 - Drain and wash the beans and place in a mixing bowl.
3 - Finely slice the radish and onion, mix with the beans. Quarter the cherry tomatoes and mix with the beans.
4 - Combine everything with the dressing and finely chopped fresh parsley and give it a good dose of freshly ground black pepper. Pile onto plates with cubed Feta cheese and serve with crusty bread.


Ashley said...

this is inspiring! it's funny, I also posted a recipe using beans (mexican-inspired), but I'll definitely have to give your recipe a try! ;)

songinhersky said...

that recipe sounds delicious! little freddy & his vegetables led me to your blog, and as a fellow food lover, i shall be reading with interest going forward!