Thursday, 1 February 2007

A Couple Of Swells (heads)

Well, I've just returned from the beautiful Isle Of Arran where my brother Darren resides. Somehow, he has managed to convince me that the way to go is shaven. So above you can see my unfortunate bonce along with Darren's.

Of course, there is a reason I did this, aside from the fact that my hair was beginning to resemble Shirley Temple's. It was simply a bit of fun in aid of the non-funny fact that my big brother has Hodgkin's Disease. Solidarity in follicles. You can read more on Darren and his battle on his very own Blog in the links to the left. In the meantime, have a good laugh at my vacant cranium. I've told my daughter that the birds pinched my hair to use in their nest. She believes me.

I'll be back later with more food waffling and a tremendous version of a dish I had on my travels.....

1 comment:

Andy hall said...

Big Brown boots and yellow laces, we are the lads who'll smash your faces, Arron Agro Boot Boys!