Monday, 26 February 2007

Well, my freshly shorn head is well and truly out in the open now as my local paper have decided to run a story on me. Not that I'm vain or anything of course. But I am aware that it is 21 years since I had a bonce like this. And I'm starting to like it. So here is the picture, and if you are interested, here is the link to the story. Beans on toast anybody?

More food wafflings soon....


Anonymous said...


You were fantastic on tele, a true 'Mastertwat'.
Your food looked fab, the leek pudding brought back some memories of my childhood. Can't wait to try your ginger pudding.
You seemed much more at ease this time, and slimmer.
Can't wait till friday.

Love Mx

Anonymous said...

Ha'way Dave, knock em dead on Friday. The leek pudd'n (great way of saying it) look awesome. Next time I see you can you just say "Ha'way man, gan doon the shope and gerrus a Curly Wurly will ya's..."

Good luck and all the best from Friday.


Andy hall said...


Of course I don't get master Chef over here so I did not witness Greatness!

Great article though!@ Proud of you Brother keep it up and you can get rich and take care of my Mortgage!


Andy. XX

Patsyfk said...

Hi David,
Congratulations for last week on Masterchef G L, thoroughly enjoyed the imagination of your menu and cooking.
It must have been a nerve wracking experience for you.
Coincidentally, on UK TV Food they are showing Mchef series two, and earlier in the week showed your heat which was even more fun, enjoyed the continuity of both.
Although its all done and dusted in real time, hope so much you do well.
Am looking forward to the semis starting tomorrow -
You deserve to do well, and take no notice of the whingers on the BBC board, they are not happy unless they have a criticism to make, about any food programme or cook, there are so many around that are not doers as you are.
Best wishes

Andy hall said...


Ignore the Critics-

This springs to mind after I read the last comment on here mate!
Mr Morrisey once said.....
We hate it when our friends become successful
And if they're Northern, that makes it even worse
And if we can destroy them
You bet your life we will
Destroy them
If we can hurt them
Well, we may as well ...
It's really laughable
Ha, ha, ha ...