Thursday, 12 April 2007

Goodbye and Good Riddance to the Big C!!!

Just a quick word as we have received some fantastic news today – my brother Darren’s battle against the dreaded C has had a huge movement in the right direction with the news that he is all clear! I had a quick chat with him direct from the hospital this morning and for the first time this year, I can safely say that he sounds happy and optimistic. One person that is happy is my daughter Cerys, and here is a picture of her celebrating the news with a big, ‘3 cheers for Uncle Pumper!!!’.

To say we are relieved is an understatement. This year has been difficult in many ways, but the news that somebody so close to you has a life threatening disease puts everything else into perspective. Darren has been so brave and his amazing wife Marie has been so supportive and stuck by him all the way. Even when he has been EXTRA grumpy. Let’s just hope that their big move back to the mainland goes smoothly and that their lives return back to normal very soon.

Darren won’t mind me saying that the months of chemotherapy and not being able to do much has put the beef back on him, as well as putting a bit of pressure on his heart. With a bit of a fish and green vegetable phobia, now is the time to convince Darren that these things are indeed the yummy things they are with some inspiring recipes. I’ll be checking the Great Big Veg Challenge for veggie recipes for him and a bit of inspiration, and will be writing some of my own of course, but please send me over any recipes you think may help. Maybe you have been in a similar situation yourself. Either way, the recipes would be a big help.

You can read about Daz's battle right here on

Thanks for reading. Now, time to celebrate…….x


Anonymous said...


Please pass on my congratulations to your brother - what a relief.

I'm sure some of your lovely cooking will soon build up his appetite!!

Daz said...

Cheers for the words bro, its all still sinking in, took me by surprise a little bit as I'd not really thought about it until this morning sat in the waiting room!
Enjoy the champers, it'll be babycham for me, not yet ready for the hard stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Class news Davey, the Taylors are well chuffed for all of you. Send your Daz our love and I'll see you soon pal.


Anonymous said...

Well and truly overjoyed to hear about your brother - already posted on his blog.....


Cherry Menlove said...

David, hi!
Great to be introduced to your blog and thanks for the comment on mine. I'm pleased that I discovered Book The Cook when such an important post was the first one I read. Congratulations to your brother. I know how 'C' can affect peoples lives and I am very pleased that it looks like your bro is going to be just fine!