Friday, 4 May 2007

A Few Things You Probably Don't Know About Me (or want to know for that matter...)

Our Hannah of MasterChef Goes Large fame has 'tagged' me. Tagging apparently means giving somebody a topic to discuss then passing it onto other Bloggers. A bit like a chain letter I suppose. Or a chain Blog. Oh dear. Here goes.....

1. I was lead singer in the classic early 90s band Austin when I lived in Leeds. We had no hits, one demo tape (yes, a tape), lots of gigs (once quite literally to one man and his dog) and in our last gig, I infamously walked off the stage halfway through the 2nd song, glowing with attitude throwing the Vs to the rest of the band. We were terrible.

2. I have a medal for fighting in the Gulf War in 1990. I'm not proud. I just have one because I was paid to go there.

3. I have still to find anything on this planet that I will not eat.

4. I once scored a goal against Peter Shilton, was out marked by Trevor Francis and flattened by Terry Butcher in the same match. It was one of those 'Beach Soccer' tournaments, and I had no idea how I found myself on the same pitch of sand in New Brighton on the Wirral as some of my heroes. But it was fun.

5. I have kissed and hugged 2 of The Smiths and that makes me sadly proud (evidence in photo here, with a very scared looking Mike Joyce being hugged off a very sweaty and happy me). Johnny Marr and Morrissey have so far evaded my clutches, but I am on their case.

6. The team I have supported since I was a wee boy are Newcastle United. I had a season ticket for 12 years. Then a couple of years back I decided I was sick of them. So now I don't have one.

7. I've been offered as one of the prizes in the forthcoming Black and White Party on 9th June for The Tiny Lives Fund ( You can use your imagination for what prize it is.

8. MasterChef facts. I've stupidly been on it twice. It gave me approximately 6 months of sleep problems. Gregg Wallace said unspeakable things of praise about my ginger pudding. Ben was the most talented amateur cook I have ever met. The day before I was evicted from MasterChef, I drove a 500 mile roundtrip to be best man for my top mate Paul Moran.

9. I'm at my happiest with a large boiled brown crab to devour, a glass of Pouilly Fume and either The Smiths or the Stone Roses on the jukebox.

10. I was sent an e-mail from Nigel Slater last week. And I nearly fell over when I realised it wasn't a hoax. I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I tag my brothers Darren and Andy.

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Andy hall said...

Been a while mate! write something now that I relise I am tagged!

Love you mate!