Sunday, 27 May 2007

Tag - You're It!

This blogging lark has been an interesting ride. I've met some cracking people and shared a lot of advice. Little did I know that the blog world had it's own game called Tag in which fellow bloggers 'tag' each other and ask a random question. As a man who can't resist a list, it is with great sorrow that I produce my 2nd Tag list in as many weeks. This one came courtesy of the wonderful Great Big Veg Challenge, but I doubt any of my facts can better Charlotte's sprout on the gob for 2 hours trick! I now tag William of The Boy Done Food, my brother Darren on Daz's Almost Daily Dose, and Margot of Coffee and Vanilla.

7 Random Food Facts

1 - When I was 2, apparently all I wanted to eat were processed cheese triangles. Lots of them and nothing else.

2 - As an adult I will eat anything, but as a child I hated certain vegetables. I used to hide the turnip or cabbage under my mashed potato and tell my mam I was full. It worked now and again. When it didn't, it hurt.

3 - A delicacy of the young David Hall household was kippers with jam on bread, yum!

4 - When I was in the Navy, for some reason I had it in my head that if I ever went to Hong Kong I would go straight out to a Hilton hotel and eat a lobster. And I did. It remains over-rated.

5 - When I first started getting into cooking, I thought I was the best cook in the world when I found out that rubbing garlic onto toast made it into 'one of those bruschetta things the Italians eat man'. When I tried to impress my family with a 3 course meal, starting with roast tomato bruschetta, I consumed so much wine that I ended up serving garlic-less soggy tomatoes on toast. It has been a long journey.

6 - Can you remember that Creme Egg advert in the 70s where a man was fired from a cannon into a warehouse full of Creme Eggs? I wrote to Jim'll Fix It asking to be that man in a re-enactment of the advert. Jim didn't fix it for me and I still harbour bitter thoughts.

7 - The food was so bad in the Navy that I survived on Pot Noodles and King Size Mars Bars. And I still managed to be the fittest lad on the ship. Somebody please explain.


Holler said...

That was a good list! As a fellow list maker I salute you! I also hid my veg under my mashed potato. But I have never had an urge for lobster and now I am vegetarian I probably never will!

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Hi David,

Thank you for tagging me. I'm quite new to all this blogging thing. Is there anything I should do now? :)

As you probably noticed I’m very amateur cook, I just start cooking 3 years ago when I was pregnant and had cravings for different things...
I have never been in Navy but I experienced 2 years of bad, unhealthy food in crew mess on the ship (working as photographer)... lots of pizza, garlic bread and all kinds of cakes. That was the most fit time in my life (!?)

Have a great evening,


Squishy said...

Seriously, Kippers, Jam and Bread, each to their own. Also I honestly believe that Mars Bars do something for your metabolism, because when I was losing weight after having babies, one a day was what I allowed myself and yes I lost more weight than I ever have.

Great Post!

Cheers Amelita