Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A Taste Of The High Life

No recipe today, just a chat and a lazy photo.

I've always wondered what it was like to be a judge of food, a food critic of sorts, somebody who can walk into a restaurant and be paid to eat food and then write about it. As somebody who loves eating and writing, it is the perfect job for me. And today I had a little taste of what it is all about as I was invited to be a judge from Hi-Life at the 'Taste Of The Tyne Hi-Life Challenge' at the Black Door Restaurant in Newcastle.

Newcastle has been going through a bit of a transformation recently, with some fine eateries and some talented chefs in abundance. This competition was a celebration of the area’s culture and cuisine with a contemporary twist and a competitive edge. Simon Brown of Blackfriars, (starter), Terry Miller of Rockafella, (main course), and David Kennedy of Black Door, (dessert), were invited to create the ultimate North East meal. Using traditional foods from the area, they attempted to bring the dishes right up to date for a thoroughly contemporary feel.

A superb soup of Creamed Potato and Onion started things off. Terry then produced a boned and rolled Northumbrian Salmon on beans and capers with a pan haggerty. David's finale was an odd but brilliantly palate cleansing lime and mango parfait with lime and mint granita. I voted for Terry as it seemed to be the dish that was the most complete, but all in all, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be eating food cooked by some of our top North East chefs and having the honour to be able to judge. Oh, and having a few cheeky ones too. My perfect job. Hic....


Coffee & Vanilla said...

Thank you for the tip.
I'm adding you to my links to come back soon... great blog.
Greetings from London,

Hannah said...

You voted for the pan haggerty - now there's a suprise!!!!

Glad you had such a nice lunch - the menu sounds delicious!


Anonymous said...

It's a tough life eh Davey !! I was thinking of you at lunchtime as I wandered around Borough Market (next to work these days as we've moved)...didn't you go there with MF ? Anyway I was looking at all this lovely food (especially the fish) and thinking "what the hell would I do with any of this if I bought it ??". Maybe I should just suprise Mel and get her a bag of ingredients ???

Keep Blogging.....Mark xx

theboydonefood said...

sounds like you voted for the most authentic one (didn't know you grew mangos up there on the banks of the tyne...).

Good lad, talk soon.

Great Big Veg Challenge said...

Pan Haggerty - now there is a dish that needs a mass revival.