Monday, 11 June 2007

My Favourite Breakfast

After an eventful weekend in which somebody paid £2600 for my services and a full conversation by the side of my football hero Mr Peter Beardsley, and now a full week of teaching kids, I've no time or energy to get creative with my writing. Before you think I've gone all Indecent Proposal by selling 'other' services, the £2600 paid was for the Tiny Lives Black And White Party ( event on Saturday in which several prizes were auctioned off. I offered my services as a cook, sat there very nervous thinking I would get a tenner for them, and the bidding started at £1000. So it is safe to say I am flattered and confused in equal measure.

Sunday morning was one of nursing a sore head, so it was time for my favourite hangover cure of kippers (preferably Craster), brown soda bread and poached eggs. And a large pot of strong tea. It worked as it always does and I have decided in my absence of a recipe (do you really need a recipe to poach an egg and grill a kipper?) to simply tell you of my tale and put a picture up of my breakfast.

If you have never tasted kippers, please try and source some quality un-dyed kippers. The best in my opinion are Craster, closely followed by Arbroath Smokies. You can eat them with jam and bread like I used to as a kid, but you will probably never want to eat one again if so. Try them with some brown bread and butter, grilled to perfection with an oozing free range egg on the side.


Pam said...

I've been visiting this since the Master Chef finale (when I found out you, Hannah and the rest had websites!). I've got to say that I do love reading your journal. You've got a big heart, and a lively writing style- as well as some fine looking recipes! Now if I actually enjoyed cooking...:P

Squishy said...

The kipper thing is not really my sort of thing. I am sure that they taste great, it's just the look of them that turns me off. Here in Aussie Land we don't really eat them, or do we? Not sure but I don't see them about much, even on menus. So I think that experiencing a kipper is best done for me, through you :)

Also for someone to cough up that much money for you, must mean you got something going on. Well Done!