Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Children's Food Festival

Well, bit of a different post today, I've decided on a little bit of self indulgence and no recipe. I am now absent from technology for a good 4 or 5 days. I've dusted down the horse and cart, checked the map to see where 'down south' is and heading off on the road. For this weekend, it is The Children's Food Festival at Abingdon Airfield in Oxfordshire - and I can't wait.

Believe it or not, this weekend's Children's Food Festival is the first and only food festival dedicated to the interests of children. So plenty of fun to be had; sausage making, butter churning, smell and taste tests, farm animals including baby Buffalo, celebrity chefs such as Raymond Blanc and Prue Leith doing cooking classes to name a few. Oh, and Mark and I are there with our Expo Chef show! So we hope to have loads of fun and spread the word a bit with our unique show. We have one or two surprises up our sleeves so fingers crossed that the weather stays good and we can get a good crowd.

It has been a fantastic year working with children and teaching them a few basics with regards to simple, healthy and tasty food. As you can see by the photos which were taken at the fantastic What's Cooking event at Middlesbrough Town Hall last week, it is so much fun and blissfully inspiring. Working with food is making a change in people's lives and I see that day to day thanks to having the pleasure to be asked to participate in such superbly organised events. Children love to eat and cook, it is all about lighting that spark of enthusiasm. It is a million miles away from the affluence of the top end restaurant trade where I always thought that I would end up after MasterChef. And working with people is where I want to be, as it is about as satisfying as can be when you can instill a bit of confidence in a child, put a smile on their face and also hopefully make a change in their life.

Organisations like the Northmoor Trust who put The Children's Food Festival together need to be more commonplace in the U.K. and have more festivals of this nature up and down the country. How brilliant would it be if every child in the U.K. could reach such events and see how important it is to retain an interest in food for all of their lives? With a bit of effort and forward thought, I'm sure that day will eventually come. in the meantime, I'm proud as punch to be present this weekend. If you are going this weekend, we look forward to meeting you.


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend. If you wow the crowds half as much as you did the kids from the Middlesbrough schools last Friday you will be a big success. The kids were inspired by your show and loved it. Anthony Kirkbride Middlesbrough Schools Study Support

Anonymous said...

Hi David

Have fun - it sounds an amazing event. Can't wait to hear all about it....

Great Big Veg Challenge said...

David - I've nominated you for a bloggers for positive change award. Check out the Great Big Veg Challenge blogspot - and it was lovely to meet you at the food festival. Alex and Freddie were so excited!