Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Made To Make Your Mouth Water

The unexpected arrival of summer this past weekend meant minimal time in the kitchen in order to catch up on some rays. When you have an Anglo Saxon Northern white body like mine, it needs all of the help it can muster, so thanks to some good friend's hospitality and their large garden, I could top up the tan and rely on other people to cook.

As a man addicted to cooking, I do have to indulge a little in the creation of food each day. So I sneaked into the kitchen and decided to rustle up a very simple dessert, one that would take little time away from the much needed sunshine and also quench our thirsts. A zest packed ice cream was the idea, using little cream and lots of yoghurt in an effort to make it reasonably healthy.

I know it isn't everybody's thing, but I love the hit and zing of pure zest. Just a small amount seems to release a large amount of lip smacking oil which gives your taste buds an amazing wake up call. Remember Opal Fruits, 'Made To Make Your Mouth Water' and all that? I always went for the green lime flavoured ones for that reason, although I very much doubt they made my mouth water through the use of pure zest extract. So I guessed that the whole skin of a lime would do the trick for the ice cream. With a large amount of fresh mint at hand, it perfectly complimented the lime for a thoroughly refreshing palate cleansing dessert.

Lime and Mint Ice Cream

1 lime, skin peeled thinly
A large bunch of mint leaves
500ml tub of low fat yoghurt
150ml double cream, whipped to soft peaks
5 tbsp honey

1 - In a food processor, blitz the zest and mint until finely chopped. Add the honey and juice of the lime and blitz again to combine.
2 - In a large bowl, fold together the cream, yoghurt and blitzed ingredients.
3 - Add to a plastic tub with a lid and place in the freezer. Every hour for 4-5 hours, mix thoroughly with a fork to combine the ice crystals.


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Nice combo. Just got back from our travels and catching up... Laughed out loud at the stafadoo... Classic!

Anonymous said...

You know what - I m going to try that. It sounds completely delicious.
I was also a lime green opal fruit fetishist

KellytheCulinarian said...

Sounds delicious! Ice cream is my favorite summer treat.

Anonymous said...

I never liked mint flavour till I tried fresh mint leaves... now I can add it to almost anything, so why not ice cream. I will try this recipe next week :)
Have a great evening, Margot

Wendy said...

Was drooling over Nigel Slater's mint/yogurt ice-cream recipe in The Guardian the other day. Just managed to get it out of my head and along comes your post.
Sounds like my kind of dessert: light and refreshing. Can't stand finishing a meal on a sluggish note.

David Hall said...

Hi Margot

Nothing beats the real thing! I think mint is one of those things that has to be coming from the original. Anything that has mint 'flavouring' in is pretty nasty.

Wendy, it doesn't take much for Mr Slater to make your mouth drool!


Lynda said...

Hi David - thanks for stopping by my blog, not sure my cooking is up to your standards, but it sure is fun! I am going to file away that lime & mint ice-cream for summertime... sounds delicious!

Cynthia said...

I don't mind some zing and zap at all.

Deborah Dowd said...

This sounds really incredible- I am with you on something zesty and tangy! I am pulling out the ice cream freezer (and going back to working out!)

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