Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Almost There

It has been suspiciously warm up here recently. I say suspiciously because I'm British and we are those types of people. I can remember this time last year being a total washout. So what is going on? It's scorching!

I do love the hot weather mind. And it is also an excuse to make plenty of our favourite hot weather treat, ice cream. I've currently got 4 different types in my freezer. I don't have an ice cream churner; I just use the old trusty and patient method of a plastic bowl and a fork to stir it with every hour to get those ice crystals broken down.

Sometimes though, that method is just too long. Especially when a certain little person in my life is requiring an icy fix. The easiest option then is to make some little individual pots and half freeze them. The Italians call this Semifreddo. I call mine Almost Ice. Dead easy to make and ready in an hour, this is the kind of thing we seem to be buying ready made and spending a fortune on. With only 4 ingredients I have to ask, why? So ditch the forks, stop clock watching and make some lovely little refreshing ices for the family using pretty much any fruit you can get your hands on. Your kids will adore you for it.

Raspberry Swirl 'Almost Ice'
Makes 4 glasses

250g raspberries
250g Greek yoghurt
250g Low fat crème fraiche
100g honey (or sweeten to taste)

1 - In a large bowl, crush the raspberries with a fork. Drizzle a little into the bottom of 4 glasses.
2 - In a separate bowl, beat the crème fraiche and yoghurt together until it stiffens slightly.
3 - Fold in the raspberries and honey then tip into the individual glasses. Stick into the freezer and leave for 1-2 hours until slightly frozen.


Celia Hart said...

Hurray! an easy peasy freezy ice creamy dessert - that's just the recipe I've been searching for!!!
Thank you!


PS how are the roof top veg?

Anonymous said...

sounds really lovley - definitely one to try. It would be ready to eat before I would have found my ice cream maker which is buried somewhere in the back of a cupboard or top of a shelf! Thank you.

Beth (jamandcream) said...

You're lucky, its been raining in Cornwall for the past 5 days! This looks lovely and summery - will have to wait for summer to arrive here though!?

David Hall said...

Celia - The rooftop veg are still a down on the ground veg project! I'm still scared to take them up there in case they blow off (its windy up here you know..). But the pots are sprouting all kinds of lovely stuff, can't wait to use it all!

Anon - sell the ice cream maker and do it this way instead! A little patience goes a long way

Beth - how on earth can Geordieland be hotter than Cornwall? The world has officially gone mad eh?!

Anonymous said...

You what?! Warm, sunny? It's been raining in London for a week! It literally hasn't stopped raining today. I've actually put the heating on - have we swapped climates?!

I would still happily savour one of those ices though :)

Anonymous said...

Rain rain rain rain rain is all we have been having down South - or at least that is what it feels like!
Thank you for your call - I really appreciate all your support with the GBVC!
We are celebrating reaching the end of the alphabet with another attempt at a worldwide vegetable face project…
It would be great if you would enter with your lovely daughter. There is a prize for children and for adult who makes the best face!!
Would you let people know?
Thank you Charlotte

Anonymous said...

You have a nice blog...keep up the good job:)

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Mmmmm, lovely David! Although I am getting the shivers thinking about ice cream just now! Our weather is cool and wet here in Scotland :( Could you waft some sunshine up this way, please!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

If I could I would send some of our sunshine your way..can you believe it can get tiresome but your ice cream would brighten up any day:D

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