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Welcome to my website! I've been food writing for some time now, 14+ years now. And what turned me to food and writing? Well, in 2007 I was fortunate enough to reach the final 4 of BBC's Masterchef Goes Large. It was an amazing experience and one that taught me a lot about ingredients and cooking. I started my own fine dining business - Book the Cook - in which I designed and cooked for punters in their own homes. After that, I turned to education and worked extensively in schools, farmer's markets, agricultural shows, shopping centres and even the odd street and market place - just like my food hero Keith Floyd - in an effort to teach people that you don't need to be an expert to cook balanced, delicious food. I've written for many publications including a stint as editor for Tastes of Britain, as well as Times Food Online, Delicious, Olive and local papers and magazines. I've worked with major food brands such as Bacofoil and Pyrex to design recipes as well as roadshows for the Co-op. I was also the proud winner of Observer Food Monthly annual award for my Whisky and Pumpkin Bread Pudding back in 2009. Oh the memories!

David Tate (Masterchef semi-finalist 2014) and yours truly for a photo shoot for the Intu Eldon Square cookery event 2015

I've changed my lifestyle quite a lot since 14 years back. I'm a man approaching a certain age in life where I really need to watch what I'm putting down my neck and along with a family to support and feed, it's a responsibility to ensure that we are all eating a balanced diet. But that should not mean complicating things, making life more difficult for the family cook. My philosophy has never changed on that subject and what you will find here are recipes that are achievable, simple to cook, fad-free, packed with flavour and pleasing to eat. That is my one guarantee for visitors to my blog.

I hope that you visit my blog regularly. Subscribe (it's free) and you will be notified of any new posts. Thanks for stopping by - now get cooking!

P.S. I'm PR friendly and if anybody would like to get in touch to discuss food article and recipe writing, recipe designs, food presentations or just a bit more information, just drop me a line at davidhall132@btinternet.com and I would be delighted to discuss further.


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