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Chocolate & Orange Tart

There are some classic combinations in this myriad of foodstuffs. I could name so many off the top of my head, the kind of partnerships that would not be the same without the other. One of my favourites has to be chocolate and orange; everything from the sickly sugary 'tap it and unwrap it' variation to more adult ones like a bitter chocolate and orange tart.

When people ask me for a simple but impressive dessert recipe, I tend to turn to these kind of tarts. Make a custard of sorts with your flavourings of choice, pour into a pastry case, then bake in a low oven for an hour. You have yourself an impressive dessert that will feed many and ensure lots of accolades for your efforts.

I've made these using a lemon and lime combination. But chocolate and orange wins hands down. The key to getting the flavours right is to ensure you extract the oils from the skin of the fruit. So a gentle heat on the cream and milk with the grated zest of one orange and the rind of another will do just nicely. Just make sure you pull the rind out before baking otherwise it will make for an unpleasant surprise for somebody. I also put cocoa powder in the pastry to provide a double chocolate hit.


For the pastry

150g plain flour

50g cocoa powder

75g butter

Pinch of salt

1 egg, beaten

For the filling

300ml double cream

150ml milk

300g 70% chocolate, broken into pieces

Zest of two oranges, one finely grated and the other cut into slivers

100g sugar

3 egg yolks

1 - Pre-heat the oven to 160C/GM3.

2 - Make your pastry by combining the flour, cocoa powder and butter in a food processor or by hand. Drizzle in the egg and combine until it forms a ball. If it is still too dry, drizzle in some water until it comes together. Wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

3 - Grease and line a 12" tart tin with a removable base. Roll out your pastry and line the tart tin leaving the edges overlapped. Line with baking paper and fill with baking beans; any old dried beans or peas will do but look out for the reusable ceramic beans. Blind bake for 10 minutes. Remove the beans and paper and bake for a further 5 minutes. Remove from the oven, allow to cool a little then trim the case with a sharp knife.

4 - In a deep pan, gently heat the cream, milk, zest and rind of the orange and the chocolate to boiling point then remove from the heat. Stir and ensure the chocolate is melted and thoroughly combined. Remove the large slithers of zest.

5 - Beat the egg yolks and sugar together. Pour in the chocolate mixture, beating all of the time so that it doesn't curdle. Then pour into the pastry case and gently place onto the middle shelf of the oven. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour until the mixture is almost firm. Remove and cool before serving.

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