• David Hall

Salt and Pepper Pumpkin Seeds

Updated: Feb 7

It’s that time of the year when millions of people across the world get creative with a pumpkin, carving all kinds of spooky creations and displaying them on their doorsteps.

Unfortunately, all of this Halloween fun creates a new kind of landfill, full of wasted pumpkin flesh and seeds. Don’t waste those seeds! Packed full of nutrients and protein, they are a delicious and nutritious snack if you treat them with care.

When we are carving pumpkins, I get my little one to strip away as many seeds as possible. Lay them on a baking sheet and drizzle on a little olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and combine thoroughly. Roast in a moderate oven for about 30-40 minutes until golden.

Get creative with your flavourings: add smoked paprika, chilli powder, soy sauce. Basically, don’t waste these little beauties! You will be surprised at how delicious they are, perfect as a snack with a cold beer or a chilled glass of white wine.


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