Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hail the blackcurrant

A welcome view in the allotment today was a bush stuffed full of fat blackcurrants almost dropping off with the weight of their heady juice.

I set my daughter and her friend straight off picking and within 30 minutes we had a pan full of them.

Blackcurrants are a strange thing raw straight from the plant. You expect that unique flavour that you associate with this fine currant to whack you in the mouth but instead, you are left with a slightly earthy and sour fruit taste. Perhaps they should have been left slightly longer but then that would run the risk of them being pinched by our feathered friends.

Instead, I washed and picked them through, poured on honey and brought to the boil. Switch off the heat and allow to cool and you are left with heaven in a pan ready for a multitude of things to use them with.

I've stirred some through a tub of Greek yoghurt and left in the freezer for a delicious blackcurrant ripple ice cream of sorts. I crunched a few meringues through whipped cream and drizzled over the fruit for an alternative to the Eton Mess. The rest will be kept for breakfast to be stirred through porridge or muesli, yoghurt and honey. And if I'm lucky, there still may be left to make a little cassis for those winter months. Hail the blackcurrant.

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