Sunday 30 March 2014

Pistachio, Almond and Orange Syrup Cake

Pistachio, Almond and Orange Syrup Cake

200g soft brown sugar or caster sugar
150g butter or margarine
3 eggs
100g shelled pistachios, blitzed until course in a food processor
50g ground almonds
200g self raising flour (I used Dove's Gluten Free)
100ml orange juice
Zest of one orange

To glaze
100ml orange juice
100g soft brown sugar

1 - Pre-heat the oven to 180C/GM4.
2 - In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one by one until thoroughly combined.
3 - Tip in the nuts and flour and fold in followed by the orange juice and zest.
4 - Grease and line a 23cm spring form tin. Tip in the cake mixture and bake on the middle shelf for 35-45 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.
5 - In  small pan, add the orange juice and sugar and bring to the boil. Poke the cake in several places with a skewer and slowly pour over the glaze until it soaks into the sponge. Sprinkle over a few chopped pistachios and allow to cool in the tin.
6 - Serve in its own or with whipped cream or Greek yoghurt.

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