Monday 3 May 2010

Wild Garlic Bhajis

It's that time of they year when the bizarre smell of garlic hits your nostrils when walking through woodland. Each year I completely forget that my favourite free food is available in large quantities in British woodland. 

Wild garlic, or ramson, is much milder that the commercial bulb that we are used to, therefore it is perfect for giving your food a hit of flavour. A simple soup with potato is perfect for this delicate herb. Or bash it up with a little lemon and olive oil and it becomes a superb rub for a roast chicken.

It is also a great addition to some spiced batter, which can be dropped into hot oil for some simple homemade bhajis. So please do remember to responsibly pick a few handfuls if you see or smell some next time you are walking. It is free and delicious, just like some of the best things in life.

Wild Garlic Bhajis

Makes Lots

200g rice or chickpea flour (plain flour will be fine)
2 tbsp garam masala
Half tsp turmeric
1 tsp chilli powder
Salt and pepper
Soda water (plain water will do)
2 large handfuls of wild garlic, washed
Vegetable or sunflower oil

1 - Place the flour, spices and seasoning in a mixing bowl. Pour in the water and whisk until you have a batter that is reasonably thick but still wet enough to mix in the wild garlic.
2 - Roughly chop the wild garlic then stir into the batter.
3 - Heat a good few inches of oil for deep-frying in a pan. Drop in a piece of bread and if it turns golden brown within a minute, it is ready.
4 - Carefully place tablespoons of the mixture into the pan and fry for 5 minutes or until the mixture has turned golden brown. Cook in batches and drain on kitchen towel.


Unknown said...

Sounds amazing mate. Nice one.

Cynthia said...

Hey, how have you been?

David Hall said...

Hi Cynthia

I've been great thanks! I'm struggling to post on here as much as I would like to due to teaching. Not enough time to indulge in my other passion of food I'm afraid! How about you?

Unknown said...

Sounds really nice. Remember to pick your garlic away from the pathside where the dogs cock their legs!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I need to pay so much more attention as I am walking through the woods David. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe.

Jan said...

I'm really lucky as this stuff just grows wild in my garden. I love the look and sound of your wild garlic bhajis. I'm going to have to get out there and pick some now. :-)

Unknown said...

Liking the chicken idea David, no wild garlic over here but growing some in the garden so bashing that up with lemon and olive oil sounds like a plan. Cheers.

Vanessa Kimbell said...

I will certainly be trying this out and have spotted some growing nearby already!

Coffee and Vanilla said...

That sounds great David! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, Margot

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Wild garlic is wonderful, isn't it? And using them for bhajis is such a great idea - one that I'm going to borrow, in fact!

Maria♥ said...

Hi David

Unfortunately I have some very sad news about Rosie from Baking Cakes Galore, she has passed away. Could you please pass by my blog. I have written up a tribute for her on my blog and would like everyone who knew her to leave a comment as I will be printing out all the comments to send onto her husband.


Chef Jeena said...

These sound wonderful David!

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